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"As an educator you are always looking for quality programs for children. A quality early childhood program looks at the developmental needs of young children by focusing on and encouraging intellectual growth through exploration, play, music, art, creative activities and academics.Explorer Center Preschool offers children the opportunity to grow in these critical areas in a rich, positive and nurturing environment. The children that entered my school after having the opportunity to attend Explorer Center were well prepared for kindergarten academically and socially. It is a wonderful place to learn!"

Becky Brockman
Principal, Little Cedars Elementary School

"Thank you for the extraordinary preschool you have created and nurtured. Marina is thriving in your school and it is such a joy to witness that. I literally feel gratitude every day that Marina is a part of such a wonderful creative and loving environment. I know enough about preschool and preschool teachers to recognize that ECP is very unique and very special. You, Dona and Paula make a terrific team with each of you bringing such lovely talents to the classroom. The constantly rotating centers and themes - as well as the lessons, projects and activities that accompany them - reflect the time, love, and effort that you put in to them. I appreciate the end result and I appreciate you! I will sing the praises of ECP to any and all who are willing to listen!"

Lindsey Hensrude
ECP Parent
Lake Stevens, WA

"Pre-school days around the Ballas home were filled with excitement and curiosity as our children came home each day to share their stories of discovery, song (singing the "Alphabet backwards" was one of our families favorites!) and of course play time! Cynthia and Donna joyously welcomed our entire family into their pre-school family with open arms, making each one of our children feel special and appreciated for who they are and what they accomplished each day. Three of our four children attended the Explorer Center and it is one of the fondest memories they share together. Because the Explorer Center focuses on the whole child's learning experience - academic, emotional and social development - a solid and nurturing foundation was created for my children - allowing my children to enter Kindergarten with ease, confidence and with enthusiasm for learning. Thank you for sharing your gift and love of learning with our children!"

Shaunna Ballas
Snohomish School Board Director District #1

"The Explorer Center Preschool is an amazing place for children to learn and grow! As a former teacher and a parent of three grown boys, I have had the opportunity to observe many preschools. The choice for my boys was Miss Cynthia and her wonderful school!

I believe that preschool needs to be a place where children can explore many curricular activities and learn to socialize with other children. They can learn to follow rules and practice independence in a safe and caring environment. Cynthia provided many learning opportunities for my boys, why allowing them freedom to move through different activities and lessons at their own pace.

Cynthia was always warm, caring and joyful with her students. She inspires them to do their best and be kind to their classmates. She always shows the children respect and I believe that the children in her classroom always feel valued!

Her curriculum allows children to explore many areas of development and prepares them for kindergarten. I appreciate how Cynthia understands that not all children learn the same. She offers learning through traditional ways, but also adds music, dance and other movement to help children learn. I have and will continue to recommend the Explorer Center Preschool to many of my friends and acquaintances. I am even hoping that my grandson will be one of Miss Cynthia’s students in the very near future!"

Keely Reinhard
Snohomish, Washington

"As a former student of the Explorer Center Preschool, I remember looking forward to school days where I could play with my friends and the cool toys. I am 19 now, but have fond memories of the fun activities that were always awaiting me at preschool. I liked it when we could use cups and shovels in the rice table and I especially liked the carpentry center. Sometimes we would play with the parachute; it felt so huge when we were all underneath it! "

Jake Reinhard
Student-Oregon State University

"Thank goodness for Explorer Center! It’s so close and in a relaxed environment! All six of my children have had unique experiences and it’s always the same educators! My husband and I have watched our children blossom and grow year after year with ever changing and updated programs while providing the necessary skills for a successful transition to kindergarten! Sr. Joanne MacAuley, Principal at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School has stated, “Every single one of your children have been at the top of their class from the get go here!” The Child-Centered based learning program that Mrs. Jensen uses at The Explorer Center really is as good as it gets for early learning preparedness! It is always reassuring as a parent to hear that you’ve given your children the best opportunity for success!"

Dawn & Fred Hines, Jr. &
Freddie, Jacob, Jessalyn, Benjamin, Walter & Jillian
Snohomish, Washington