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The activities and lessons at The Explorer Center Preschool are appropriate for children ages clay center3-5. The classroom is set up with several Learning Centers. These Centers include Science, Math, Manipulatives, Table Toys, Dramatic Play, Sand & Water Table, Carpenter, Easel, Music, Art, Library, Block, Computer, and Literacy. The Center activities change weekly to go along with the theme of the week. Children are encouraged to explore, gain information and master new skills through real life situations and hands-on activities within the learning Centers.


Within the Learning Centers, children are exposed to a number of skills and concepts. The teacher guides the children and interacts with each child or small group of children to enhance their learning. For example, guided play in the block area allows a small group of children to explore different shapes, sizes and spatial relations. The teacher will add to the learning experience by asking questions, adding materials to what the child has already done, and interacting in a way that promotes the development of problem solving and social skills.

The following are some of typical Learning Centers in our preschool for children age 3 to 5. The skills listed are examples of curriculum goals that are incorporated into the Learning Center activities.

Learning Center

Examples of skills we focus on:


Art/ Easel

  • experiment with color, shape, size, line & various art media
  • express ideas in creative ways
  • fine motor skills (i.e. cutting, drawing, painting)


  • fine motor development (tracing and "writing")
  • name & letter recognition
  • creating forms with various writing tools
  • language & vocabulary development

Block Area

  • explore math concepts (size, shape, weight, length)
  • matching, sorting & organizational skills (during clean up)
  • experiment with balance, spatial relations, length & weight

Dramatic Play

  • cooperate and problem solve with peers
  • recreate real life situations
  • use imagination to create play situations with peers

Sensory Table

  • large motor development (scooping, pouring, etc.)
  • explore textures, the five senses, and cause & effect relationships
  • cooperate & problem solve with peers
literacy center

Library Area

  • learn that print communicates a message
  • identify parts of a book (cover, pages, illustrations)
  • enjoy stories on tape & learn book handling skills
  • "read" or retell a story by looking at the illustrations

Math/Science Area

  • sort objects by shape, color and size
  • count a set of objects
  • explore patterns with objects
  • explore weight, size, balance and texture
  • record information with graphs and drawings